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 Scuba Diving Perth WA

Shore Diving

Long Jetty aka Ocean Jetty

Bathers Beach - Fremantle.


  • Shore Dive: Tiny Jetty Dive: Groin Dive:

  • Depth: Max 4 meters.

  • Jetty length: 65m - 170m.

  • Outer Groin Length: 725m.
  • No# of dives at site: 1

  • Dive Conditions: Don't bother diving it, you will want a calm day and I wouldn't want to waste a calm day on a site like this. Westerly winds will make the site mucky as its is a cove shape and can become full of debris both natural and man made.

  • Dive flag at Site: No.

Dive Review:

  • This one is for the kids, certainly the jetty is, I don't know if you would want them completing the full length of the groin regardless how shallow it is. I said something similar for Wells Park Jetty and I think this could be something very similar, if you have a youngster who is learning to dive, this jetty is so tiny and so shallow you could let your kids practice some skills here.

  • The jetty dive area is tiny about 65 meters long or about 30 pylons (3 x 10), however there are submerged pylons right up to  the shoreline making it approx. 170m long, so be careful that you don't trip up over these and crack your head.

  • The depth of the Jetty is approx 3 meters and, the groin is only 4 - 4.5 meters at its deepest, making it nice and shallow, with a sandy bottom and, with some very sparse sea grass areas.

  • On the day we dived a lot of the sea grass debris, sea weed, and a lot of particles seemed to be gravitating towards the jetty pylons making this site very untidy indeed. We had a SW swell but a NE'ly wind which may have pushed a lot of the debris into this sheltered cove/bay, the week before we had experienced some high winds and high swell, and this may well have contributed to the poor condition of the water.

  • NOTE: All children should be supervised by a responsible adult when participating in any water activity. The information here is not to be used as a substitute for common sense.


  • Getting here is not the most easiest place to get to, you need to get onto Mews Rd (Little Creatures Brewery, Cicerellos Fish & Chips), and head towards the marina. Depending on which way you are coming from this will most probably include at least some weaving through the roads of Freo.

  • Once you are on Mews Rd travelling north, the road travels around an apex bend just at the top of this bend pull in the car park on the left, you should see the beach to your right. Unfortunately because this is such a popular area there is no free parking and we had to purchase about 3 hours worth of parking.

  • As always do all your final checks (BWRAF), in the car park, the last thing you need is a walk to the dive entrance and then have to come back because you have forgotten something or an O' ring blows, not that you would have far to walk.

  • Once you have geared up walk down to the beach and to the jetty structure that is there. Look towards the groin end, you will see 1 pylon stretching out above the water not too far away, thats the dive site.

  • Use this pylon as your bearing and just have a little swim around along this heading approx 222 degrees. You really cant miss these pylons.


The Jetty Topside:

  • This is the jetty structure on the beach, you can see quite easily the direction you have to take to the dive site,as there is one raised jetty pylon off into the distance.

  • The Jetty has some tiles that have been turned into plaques placed upon it giving an account of the Jetty's history. External link

The Jetty Underside:

  • So once you are underwater and scouring around the pylons you will realise that the marine life encrusting on these  pylons are no different than any other jetty site and, less impressively there really isn't a lot going on.

  • There were a couple of nice moments like the Blenny darting in and out of a little hole in the pylon or the white mussels but overall nothing to write home about.

  • The groin area wasn't anything spectacular either, I think I saw one Buff Bream that was very shy and didn't stick around  long enough to get a photograph.
  • In all honesty........... not really worth it............

  • There are a lot more nicer dive spots to try out, even if you are after something really shallow........... consider something like Ammo or even Wells Park Jetty before wasting time here.


  •  I do have some video of this site but it is just murky and filled with seaweed and sea grass clogging up the picture.



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