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  • Disclaimer sounds so legal but really this is just some information that makes things fair for everyone.
  • Simply put, by entering this site you take full responsibility for your diving regardless of the information provided here. You will in no way try and blame, discredit or sue anyone who has provided dive site information if you choose to dive at one of these sites, due to the information contained within this site. That's because you have gained the knowledge, skill and experience from additional and other reliable or professional sources and courses before descending.

  • This dive site is in no way a substitute for knowledge gained by experience, I have done my best to be accurate but there will always be mistakes, uncertainties and misunderstandings when in a new and strange environment. Please make sure that you seek out expert knowledge from the abundance of professional dive shops in the local area before you dive, they have information and an accumulative knowledge far greater than I or any one individual. And most importantly do not dive beyond your own personal limits.

  • Ok that all said enjoy this site............

  Ok if you can be bothered......

more information about this site......

  • I have built this website for several reason, firstly and mainly for fun, secondly there is a lot of good information out there about dive sites in the Perth area but not many bring information, photographs and the personal experiences together. Last but not least, for the novice diver, when I began diving in Perth I scoured the internet for as much information as possible and a lot of it was very brief and still left a lot of apprehension when plunging even to the shallowest of depths, so this is in a very big part dedicated to the novice diver. 

  • Photographs, I am in no way a photographer, I always class myself as a tourist when happily snapping away. I take photographs for me, I do this to capture moments, so I am able to re-live these experiences.

  • The pictures in this website have been digitally enhanced to help bring them to life. All photographs where taken at the sites they represent (unless otherwise stated).
  • All the photographs on this website were taken by me (unless otherwise stated). All photographs are copyrighted to me and the website, I don't mind people using them to show others but have a little respect and please credit the source, please keep the copyright intact in all its entirety.

  • I promise you.... last thing, please let me know if any of the links on this website fail or pictures appear to be missing, I would rather have too many emails pointing it out rather than none, so don't be shy.


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