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  • When we start our diving adventures we cannot do it alone, so I want to take a moment and thank the rest of the people who have in some way had a wonderful impact on my diving life so far:

  • To the guys at Dive HQ Whangarei New Zealand for teaching us how to stay safe and have fun whilst experiencing such wonderful environments, especially our dive instructor Gary, far too young to be having so much fun.

  • To the team at Dolphin Scuba in Welshpool Perth, their reputation as the friendliest dive shop in Perth has never been in doubt. These guys are always my first port of call when it comes to scuba diving, whether it be equipment or info on any of the dives I want to try. If you are in the area go see Sarah, Callum, Spud and the rest of the guys, they will make you feel welcome every time you walk through the door. Try out their free Sunday morning shore dive and free sausage sizzle when you get back. There is always a great turn out and brilliant if you don't have a dive buddy, they will hook you up with somebody on the morning, so don't be shy, be at the shop at 8am. Drop my name and this website, it wont get you any discount but it will certainly make me look good, won't it ?

  • Dolphin Dive in Fremantle, great bunch who always look after you whether on a boat dive or getting information on something closer to shore, they have two shops, one in the heart of Fremantle and another on Hampton Rd South Fremantle and, do regular boat dives to Rottnest Isl.

  • Western Blue Dive Charters, the best value dive charter in our waters. $85, 2 dives, your second cylinder, Tim Tams and the wonderful skipper Michael at the helm.

  • To my dive buddy's to date: Andrew S it was so great when he came for a visit from the UK, loved spending time with him both in and out of the water.  To all the guys from Dolphin Scubas' Sunday morning dive and now my regular dive buddies, thanks to Owen, Stevie G, Stevie L, who put up with me and have my back whilst I was happily snapping away at these sites because, without them there is no way I could have covered so much, they are always willing to try somewhere new, absolutely fantastic.

  • A special mention has to go to some of the main contributors to the site, firstly and I have to say mostly, Mel Turner for all the photos that she has freely donated to this site, absolutely fantastic, but its not only that it is her unwavering support in all the things we do as a community, and the way she looks after everyone esle. Mac "The Spade" Calder, not only for providing some great photos for your enjoyment but also for keeping things real and me grounded with his wonderful and true to life sarcasm and wit. And Alex Farny for all the photographs she has allowed me to steal for the site..... plus she speaks French, very sexy..... don't tell her I said that.

  • Graham J Edgars' book: Australian Marine Life the plants and animals of temperate waters. This has been my bible and an absolute for anyone diving in Perth, WA and the Southern coastal waters. It has nearly everything you will come into contact with whilst diving these shores. Thanks to the  Pat & Andrew for getting me the second edition, absolutely brilliant.

  • Some other wonderful books also to consider adding to your library are: Wonders of Western Waters: Sue Morrison & Ann Storrie, Guide to Sea Fishes of Australia, a comprehensive reference for Divers & Fisherman: Rudie H. Kuiter. Sea Fishes of Southern Australia: Barry Hutchins & Roger Swainston. Nudibranch Encyclopedia: Neville Coleman.

  • Last but certainly not least, and this website would not be possible without this buddy, my SeaLife DC1000 & now DC1400 Dive Camera. I remember the day I screamed I am going digital, we where diving off Mindarie and this huge shadow in my peripheral vision just coasted past.... first thought... shark.... fact a Ray, a humongous Ray slipped around the rocks and gracefully coasted by about ten meters away, beautiful, hit the shutter button on my film loaded point and click.... and .... no frames left, I was absolutely gutted, it was a newbies magical moment lost and I didn't want to lose another. So she may now be the ex wife but thank you again for such a great birthday present, you know I love them.



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