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 Scuba Diving Perth WA

Shore Diving

Wells Park Jetty

Kwinana Beach Road - Kwinana Beach.


  • Shore Dive: Tiny Jetty Dive 65m: Groin Dive:Wreck Dive (I jest ye not).

  • No# of dives at site: 1.

  • Depth: Max 4 meters.

  • Dive Conditions: This site is just north of the RWT or the KGT and has some sheltered properties however, due to its positioning and shallow nature it does not remain as calm as these two sites. Stick to around 1.4m swell, and 12 second swell period, northerly winds have a greater impact on the site, an easterly is prefered. Very shallow, definitely one for the kids, but be aware this is a boat launch site.

  • Dive flag at Site: No.


  • Getting here is easy enough, especially if you know the Kwinana Grain Jetty or Rockingham Wreck Trail as it is on the same road as both of these. Its about 45 minutes from Perth CBD and 30 minutes from Fremantle.

  • From the Wreck Trail just follow the road north up to Kwinana Beach Road which is an extension of Rockingham Beach Road and you will see the car park for Wells Park on your left just after the Large Blue Grain Terminal building.

  • As always do all your final checks (BWRAF), in the car park, the last thing you need is a long walk to the dive entrance and then have to come back because you have forgotten something or an O' ring blows, not that you would have far to walk.

  • Once you have geared up walk down to the groin and make your way in from the right or left either entry is easy, just be aware that to the left is a boat ramp.

  • Ok just have a little swim around the rock groin and make your way to the jetty, you will most probably be able to walk this but there will be something hiding in the nooks and crannies of the groin so have a little peak, you never know.

Dive Review
  • This one is for the kids, I kid you not. Seriously if you have a youngster who is learning to dive, this jetty is so tiny and so shallow you could let your kids practice some skills here. When I was told about this jetty the guy telling me said that he took his kids here to dive or he would pop down here if he had a few bar spare in his cylinder he wanted to use up, and I have to say on reflection he is right, a great little site if you want to get your little one used to diving.

  • The jetty is tiny 65 meters long, the walk from the car park to the jetty is longer at a 100 meters. The depth is snorkel-able (but you may already know about my thoughts on those statements) at only 4 meters it is nice and shallow in a well lit area, and the area is quite clean, with a sandy bottom extending from a rock groin.

  • I may of mocked a little bit before saying this was a wreck dive but the actual groin is an old iron hulled boat that was filled with concrete and the jetty attached, so you could argue that yes this is a wreck dive, don't forget to bring your drill because you want see any of the wreck these days, but have a look on Google maps or near map at the jetty and you clearly make out the hull shape.

DSICLAIMER: All children should be supervised by a responsible adult when participating in any water activity. The information here is not to be used as a substitute for common sense.

Marine Life

  •  Click on any of the photographs below to expand, each photograph comes with an enclosed caption:


  • All I can honestly say is what I said earlier on, if you have air to use up ...........great, if you have kids .........great, want to safely practice some skills........ great, but if you are looking for the dive of your life............. well.......... not so great.

  • This place won't stretch anyone, or anything, very shallow, very small, there isn't enough room to swing a kitten never mind a cat but, if you are like me then its a place to explore even if its only for an hour.

  • But remember you are in the water and anything can swim in and swim out who knows?




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