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Scuba Diving Perth WA

Shore Diving 

Woodman's Point Groin

  • Shore Dive: Groin Dive.

  • Max Depth: 9m

  • Dive Conditions: 1.4 meter swell: 12 sec swell period: north of the groin will get some shelter from a southerly wind and conversely the south side will get some shelter from a northerly, but ideally a gentle easterly is preferred, a westerly will give the swell and swell period a bit more bite. I have completed a night dive here and I have to say the sheltered properties were excellent as the surface waves and chop looked quite horrible, but once we had descended and moved away from the shallow areas it cleaned up nicely. Give consideration to the following, climbing over rocks, fishing off the groin, kite boarders & rocky shallow areas.

  • Dive flag at site: No.



  • Woodmans Point Groin is at the end of Woodmans Point View. Turn left off O'Kane Court which is off Cockburn Road. or if you have a UBD Street Directory of Perth 2011 pg. 366. The site is approx. 30 minutes from Perth CBD, 20 minutes from Fremantle, 20 minutes from Rockingham.

  • Kit up in the car park, keep your valuables out of sight, this place is somewhat isolated especially during the week.

  • Before you head out of the car park and down to the shore, do all your final checks as you don't want to get to the water and realise you have missed something or blow an O' ring.  We all have our own way of remembering this little check BWRAF but I use this simple saying as a reminder "Before Water Review A Friend": B (BCD): W (WEIGHTS): R (RELEASES):  A (AIR):  F (FINAL).

  • Entry and exit options are covered below.


    Dive Review:


    • Most people who dive in Perth will most probably be aware of Ammo Jetty at Woodmans Point, however Woodmans Point gets its name quite simply due to the fact that there is a little peninsula or "point" just south of that Jetty. And this in turn has its own little dive spot along the groin, which is basically a man made rock extension of the point.

    • Here you will find a maximum depth around 9 meters at the very end of the groin. North side of the groin is the shortest leg of the groin and the south side extends quite considerably, however the majority of the south side is very shallow and really not worth the effort.

    • I have only dived here twice during the day, and I have to say, that's enough for me. There are simply too many other and better sites that you can dive in similar conditions required to dive here. I completed a night dive here as I had heard there are loads of Dumpling Squid in the sea grass area (They lied just to get me back here, as I didn't see a single one).

    • That all said I am great believer in having an extensive dive site repertoire and, more importantly its not for me to say what sites you should like, dislike or prefer, you have to get out there, give it a go and decide for youself.
    • Like I said I have dived here twice, on the first dive my buddy and I parked a little further away from the groin in the next small car park down by the beach on Jervoise Bay, and entered into the water on the south east side of the groin. We had a little bit of a walk to complete but nothing too harsh.

    • Unfortunately this side of the groin is very shallow for a fair length of the groin, I can see now why people choose to climb in over the rocks. With hindsight I have to say that maybe we should have pushed the dive a little bit longer but I was so bored by the time we made it to anything resembling some depth that I just couldn't be bothered.  

    • There was nothing really going on, some weed and plants, very silty and thats about it, that was over 2 years ago as I write.  

    Dive 1 

     Dive 2

    • So in spring 2013 I decided to give it another go. Before we go any further I will let you know that climbing over the rocks on the south side of the groin from the car park and then swimming around into the small bay isn't worth it, I am thinking why risk breaking your neck for a rather average (generous statement) dive. You can easily dive the deepest part of the groin and back again from the small beach with plenty of air and time to spare (make sure you monitor your air).

    • Most of the life of any interest was actually in the very shallow areas along the groin and even then there wasn't a great deal to to get excited about. The problem here is that you are sitting in approx. 1 meter of water maybe 2 at a real push.

      There was some decent sized corals, a lovely bronze/orange coloured zoanthid/coral, plenty of tiny Jumping Blennies just bouncing off the rocks,  a small school of Drummers and I am happy to say a new nudi for me, the Doubtful paradoris. We found a sleepy Redlipped Morwong, a great little Porcupinefish just poking its head out of a small little hole (very cute), but other than that nothing but a few other regulars like the bullish Weeping Toadfish or the Wavy Grubfish.


    • I am not going to get over involved in describing the marine life here, like I said it is very average and very similar to other sites around here, and the best has already been described above.



    • Honestly...... not really worth it unless you are after something simple and not too taxing or too interesting........ even then there are better sites. A nicer night spot than day spot.... but watch out for the plenty of lines being cast by the fisherpeople.



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