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Shore Diving 

South Mole
Fleet St. Fremantle

  • Shore Dive: Groin Dive & Sea Grass

  • No# of dives at site: 1.

  • Max Depth: 7 meters.

  • Dive Conditions: As the groin faces SW you need to watch the swell and wind direction. Ideally low SW swell (no greater than 1.5m) with a low swell period around 11 seconds, as always a low E'ly wind, a SW'ly and a W'ly will impact on the site significantly.

  • Dive flag at site: No

 Dive Review:


  • I have heard plenty of good things about South Mole and now that I have dived it....... well I don't know what all the fuss is about. It is just a rock groin with a sea grass area, nothing than we haven't got in several locations around Perth, and some I would say are a damn safer to enter and exit and a lot nicer.

  • I think part of the attraction is that the area has previously been known for Weedy Seadragons, but from reports I have heard they do not frequent the place as they used to, for what reason we can only guess, and most probably guess incorrectly, and on the day we dived here we didn't see a single one.

  • On our dive we had about a 1.4 meter swell around a 12 second swell period and north westerly wind, not blowing a lot but enough to make the waters a bit choppy. Initially we were going to give it a miss, but the only other option was to go somewhere we had already dived and most probably have just as bad conditions, so we thought lets give it a go.

  • The main problem diving here is clearly the entry and exits but if you dive at the top of the groin like we did you need to make sure you don't follow the groin around too much and wander into the entrance of the Fremantle port as this a restricted area, and last time I checked those big sods of boats don't brake as fast you would need them too.

  • Now like I have just said we dived at the top end of the Mole, but at the bottom end is Bathers Beach and Long Jetty which are also covered on this website. Some have suggested entering the groin/mole half way down and explore the sea grass areas here, so you have plenty of options for this area and could do a really extensive double dive as the site is quite shallow.

  • We didn't see any boats on our dive, and I am not sure how far into shore they come but certainly the mouth to this bay can get very busy with little water craft, so just be careful how far you wander out from the groin, and if you check out the sea grass area, consider towing your flag out too. 


  • South Mole technically doesn't exist and you have to put in Fleet St. Fremantle in any devices or if you are going old school and using a map book.

  • The best way to get here is to head down to Freo train station or E-Shed markets. You can access it through other windy streets but I have found this to be the easiest.

  • Like I commented earlier on there are several spots for you to chose to park up, kit up and clamber down some rocks.

  • We parked in the last bays just before the little roundabout at the end of the mole and just climbed straight in there.

  • We swam to the end of the mole and then returned and carried past our original entry point.
The Mole & Life @ The Mole
In all honesty, there wasn't so much going on that I find myself compelled to get back here as soon as humanly possible. And I also have to say that the mole/groin itself is unremarkable with there being no more life here than you would find on all the other groins and moles around the Perth area. Anyway I have included what I have currently, and I will come back and check out the the middle areas at some point, so hopefully more to follow sooner rather than later.


  • If there was something unique or beautiful about this site then I would understand the taking the risk of breaking your head as you tumble down a shed load of rocks...... But I just don't get it.

  • There are quite simply easier groins to go and look at, and they are more sheltered and just as abundant with similar life as the mole.

  • I will go back at some point and check out the central area of the bay, but as I have looked at Long Jetty which is on the other side of the bay I am not convinced my mind will be changed too much.

  • Maybe to keep it a bit safer you could entry/exit at Bathers Beach and check out the area this way if you are not too steady over rocks.

  • Its not my job to tell you where to dive, you have to decide that for yourself, and I have been told off (friendly banter) before today for knocking this area, so give it a go and if you find something mind blowing then let me know.



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