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Shore Diving


C Y O'Connor Reserve

South Coogee

  • Shore Dive: Jetty Dive.

  • This is a dismantled jetty: Length 120 meters, no jetty is visible but the old pylons remain underwater. There are sea grass beds 80 meters away to the South side of jetty which extends the dive area if desired.

  • Depth: Max 8 meters.

  • Dive Conditions: Can be dived when Ammo Jetty maybe washed out as the main site is appro.x 100 meters from shore and is not as effect by swell as Ammo. No more than a 1.5 meter swell is preferable, and a swell period no greater than 11.5 seconds with soft easterly winds. I have dived this in 1.8 swell and had a nice dive. Give consideration to boating traffic, long walk over the dune of death to and from the car park.

  • Dive Flag at site: No.
Give consideration to boating traffic, lines/traps set for occy's, long walk over the dune of death to and from the car park. Finding the site may be challenging the first couple of times, as there is no reference points above water. This is a popular place for dog walkers that allow their pets of its leash.
  • NOTE: Many moons ago people used to park on Robb Road and make their way to the site via the old cattle path, we don't do this any more due to breaking in of vehicles.
  • This site is about 15 minutes away from the City of Fremantle, its about 20 minutes from Rockingham and, about 40 minutes from Perth CBD.

  • You need to get onto Cockburn Road and turn onto McTaggart Cove. Page 346 UBD Street Directory of Perth.

  • Follow McTaggart Cove and drive over the train tracks and park in the car park at the end of McTaggart, this is a dog park car park so can get busy.

  • Park up and kit up, if you are a bit shy I think there are toilets and showers just by the entrance to the car park. Make sure all your possessions are not on view and your car is secure.

  • Head to the North Westerly corner of the park you will see a sand path over the dunes to the beach (Dune of Death), take this, when on the beach you need to decide whether to enter here (I do every time) or walk up the beach and enter at the beginning of the old jetty.
  • NOTE: The first entrance I will describe I will use this every time, just think about this for a brief second, as a novice diver would you want to have 160 meters of jetty to aim for or just 15 meters...... I thought so 160 meters every time.
  • Head directly into the water after coming over the sand dune, at the waters edge take a bearing of approx. 300 degrees WNW, a bearing of 295 degrees will put you in the middle of the jetty, may be wise to do this the first time. You can either swim on top of the water or descend after a few minutes, just keep your heading.

  • If you have not seen the Jetty after approx. 5 minutes, ascend check your bearings, if you have swam past the statue of C Y O'Connor and are not too far from the shore you have missed it and the chances are not by much, you have most probably swam in a more Northerly direction than required, reverse your direction making adjustments to your compass heading.
  • You can if you wish walk up to the old beginning of the Jetty and swim directly out to it. You will have to walk approx. 150 meters along the beach. Look for the Statue of C Y O'Connor he is approx. 50 meters in the water.
  • Approx. 30 meters South of the statue on the beach in the shallow water you will see the old concrete posts that use to be the beginning of the old jetty. Take a heading from this approx. South Westerly 245 degrees, you will now be doing a surface swim for approx. 120 meters max. Keep your eyes peeled you only have 15 meters to aim for, in good vis this isn't a problem as the jetty pylons, even the small sporadic ones will be visible.



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