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General Information

For Point Peron

  • Shore Dive: Limestone Reef Dive.

  • Depth: Max +/- 10 meters.

  • Dive Conditions: Preferably a maximum of a 1.5 meter swell, 11 second swell period, low easterly winds. Can be dived in 1.8m with a low swell period less than 11 seconds and gentle easterly wind but this is not going to be a very nice dive.

  • Perfect day would always be a low swell around 1 meter, low swell period of 11 seconds and gentle easterly wind for a few days prior.

  • If you have a small swell with a large swell period you can dive this site but try not to get too shallow as it will break over the reef and move you about a bit, however once you have descend you will generally not be affected by the swell period.
Croon's Creep:
  • This is a fun little spot, a great little reef nestled in the middle of the other reefs, with plenty of little places for you to explore, including ledges to look under, holes to drop into, tight spots to squeeze through and lots lots more.

  • Generally this area of reef was neglected as a dive spot because of its positioning , it was kinda stuck in the middle of nowhere and not really on the way to anywhere. However after diving Goss's Grotto one day when one of the lads was looking for some crays and the likes, we stumbled across a few little ledges on the way back and had a little look. We didn't hang about too long and shortly after we headed back in as there wasn't much marine life to be caught. 

  • However a few days later myself and dive buddy Jacqui Croon were heading in after diving Howies Holes, but instead of just turning around returning back to shore, we decided to surf the reef and go explore this neglected bit of reef. Hey presto, whaddya know, a great little place to explore...... and the rest as they say is history.


  • Croons Creep is nice and easy to get to, nice and close to the shore and if you swim in a easterly direction, you really cant miss it.
  • From the car park if you look out 270 degrees you will see it just a stones throw away from you.

  • On a high tide you will see a dark mass just under the surface, with a very occasional break over the reef.

  • On a really low tide the reef will protrude above the waters edge.
  • As the majority of the swell comes from the SW its surprising how sheltered this spot can be at times. Even with waves breaking over other parts of the reef, it does appear that the reef just to the SW of Croons breaks up the oncoming swell before it reaches Croons.

  • I wont harp on about getting out to here, its simple enough, but what you do have to do here is go looking. The site is awash with lots of hidden holes and swim thrus, places to drop into and pop out of. Its not deep maybe 5 meters on high tide (that could be an over exaggeration), but there really are some lovely little hidey-holes to find. The ambient light and the sun rays that reflect around some of these spots are quite pretty. There are one or two (possibly three) really dark spots for you to explore, and you have to give your eyes a moment to adjust to look for daylight shining in the back of the chambers.

  • Now not all the spots are contained or confined within the one piece of reef, nature just doesn't care to make it that simple for you, thankfully, anyway there a few little nice spots to explore just off the main chunk of reef, so don't feel constrained, go and have an explore.

  • Ok last bit, this site is a little tight in parts, so ideally if you are a "skinny little mini" you shouldn't have a problem with a back mounted system, but if you have a bit girth like me then I would suggest dumping the back mounted system and head to a side set up, and if you cant do that just be really careful because some of these spots are a bit of a tight squeeze, and getting gear tangled up or getting stuck  is a real possibility.



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