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Palm Beach Jetty

The Esplanade Rockingham


  • Shore Dive: Jetty Dive.

  • Depth: 15 meters.

  • Jetty length: 125m: Diveable Jetty Length 60m.
  • Dive Conditions: Near identical the RWT, sheltered site from SW swell, northerly winds will generate current.

  • Dive flag at Site: No.
  • No# of dives at site: 1.
  • Rating: -10/10: I have stopped rating sites but this is so bad it has to get a minus ten.

Dive Review:

  • I am going to keep this really simple "DO NOT DO IT !" or as the British drug campaign of the 80's proclaimed "JUST SAY NO !"

  • That's it...... you getting no more.

  • Ok one more attempt to stop you from diving this site............... have you ever seen a terrible movie and made that cliché statement........ "that's two hours of my life I am never getting back"........... well that this site..... DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

  • No ?......... really !...........Ok if you insist but, really there isn't a lot to say, this place was so desolate and void of anything I became scared, I literally had palpitations, I thought I had been dragged into another dimension of green, grey, milky, dusty nothingness........

  • Now I have been informed that the original jetty was ripped down not too long ago and replaced with the current jetty (obviously) so this may in a big way go towards the reason this site is so poor currently.

  • I have heard that due to the silty nature of this site that it can be good for prawning on a night dive but "Howie don't prawn" sooooo I don't know.


  • Getting here is easy enough, especially if you know the Rockingham Wreck Trail as it is just 2 minutes down the road from here. Its about 45 minutes from Perth CBD and 30 minutes from Fremantle.

  • From the Wreck Trail just follow the road south this turns into Harrison St at the corner of Harrison St and Fisher St turn towards the beach, the jetty is at the end. The photograph here in this map is the old jetty and it has been re-developed so looks a little bit different these days, You can't miss it though as it has Palm Beach on the sign at the shore end of the jetty.

  • As always do all your final checks (BWRAF), in the car park, the last thing you need is to get to the dive entrance and then have to come back because you have forgotten something or an O' ring blows, not that you would have far to walk.

  • Once you have geared up walk down to the beach and make your way under the jetty, simple enough. Once you have had the life drained out of you make your way back.

  • That's it, I really could of written all this on a back of a matchbox and still had space to spare to write my shopping list.

  • Ok below is some photos and video of the site........ enjoy.... I guess.

Marine Life



  • Really....... you expect me to have more to say.............. pffffffttttt....... I warned you...... heaven knows how many times.

  • Ok there is a little thing you can do once you realise how naff this jetty is (currently).

  • Line yourself up with the jetty and either the floating pontoon or its anchor buoy which is at a heading of 90 degrees. If you follow this path you will skim along the drop off slope and on this course you will come across a few little things that have been sunk in the shallows, nothing fantastic but a lot better than the jetty.
  • The Blenny earlier popping out of a bottle quickly swam off. However this little man happily sat there and let me snap away, with only the occasional nervous twitch about my presence.
  • This Seahorse blended in so well with the rusting iron chain, I only noticed it because it slightly bobbed with the movement of the water. A bit skittish so it didn't hang around for too long.
  • Make sure you have a good look around the encrusting life on the small chunks of debris between the jetty and the floating pontoon, you never know what will be hiding there.
  • Last but not least a few other moments form this dive. I have to say this large school of Striped Catfish was lovely, you will see a lot these down this area especially at the Wreck Trail.

Seriously !

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