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Shore Diving

KGT Jetty Directions

Rockingham Beach Road - Kwinana Beach.


  • Shore Dive: Jetty Dive (bloody long jetty).

  • Depth: Max 15 meters.

  • Jetty length: 800m (I told you it was bloody long): Dive-able Length: 600m: Dive Area: 450m.

  • Dive Conditions: The jetty has sheltered qualities similar to that of the RWT however due to its shallow nature for the majority of the site it will still be affected by any strong swell and wind that may not impact on the RWT.  Consider this site if you have had enough of the RWT in moderate swell and swell periods but no more than a 2 meter swell and 14 second swell period, remember moderate northerly winds will generate current, westerlies will increase the swell effect. The best vis I have had has been around 10 meters in average to poor weather conditions.

  • Dive flag at Site: No.
  • This is a working jetty, ships dock here and I mean HUGE SHIPS dock here. I have known people to dive at the end this jetty when ships are in and that is up to them and, if you do the same then that will be up to you and be your responsibility. But you have to consider what would happen if one of these ships started up its engine, I guarantee you will crap yourself and even possibly panic and as a novice diver that's the last thing you need, even if these vessels are being moved by a tug boat, basically they're just floating engines. So my advice would be to consider diving away from the end if a boat is in.

  • This is a long jetty, if you are going to dive this site then there is a chance you may try and push your air, or not realise how long this dive is and use up more than you should on the way out, this will require you to do a long surface swim on the way back, which is not ideal after a dive, because you will be tired. So make sure you plan your dive and dive your plan and don't push it, get a little bit of experience under your belt before considering this site straight away, get used to your gear and have a rough understanding of your air consumption, or just stay a little closer to shore.


  • Getting here is easy enough, especially if you know the Rockingham Wreck Trail as it is on the same road as this, about 2.5Km north of the dive trail. Its about 45 minutes from Perth CBD and 30 minutes from Fremantle.

  • From the Wreck Trail just follow Rockingham Beach Rd north, you cant miss it, it is massive and blue, if you get up as far as Kwinana Beach Road you have gone a bit too far, in fact if you get past the grain terminal grounds you have gone too far, the entrance to the car park is slightly hidden by the tall grass and reeds. On the left just after the jetty if coming from the Wreck trail or on the right just before the jetty if coming from Kwinana Beach Rd way.

  • As always do all your final checks (BWRAF), in the car park, the last thing you need is to get down to the dive entrance and then have to come back because you have forgotten something or an O' ring blows, not that you would have far to walk.

  • Once you have geared up walk down the sand path down to the beach and make your way in.

  • All you now have to do is complete a little swim and you are diving...... haha did I say a little swim, I did mention the jetty was 800m long, didn't I ?

  • Just so nobody gives me too much of a hard time I do have to mention that there is a car park south of the grain terminal which is less secluded than the one I am suggesting to use as a kit up area and is most probably a little safer (I offer no guarantees) but the walk is at least 1/2Km so the choice is up to you.

  • On the occasions that I have dived this site we had to swim out approx. 200 meters before we descended. If you want to fully explore the end of the jetty then you may wish to swim out even further, possibly another 100 meters or so on top. If you don't I am convinced you are not going to get out and back on one cylinder of air and actually enjoy the dive site at the same time.

  • The jetty is shallow for the majority of this site, to get any real depth you have to dive the last 50 - 100 meters. And it is in this last 50 - 100 meters that things get a little more interesting.



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