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Dive No# 1

  • My first ever night dive was at Rockingham DT and, apart from the appropriate amount of nerves you would expect from diving in pitch black water, with people I didn't know and in an area that has sharks....... "ARE YOU CRAZY !!!!"....... you know those kind of nerves.....  I was in all honesty very excited about trying this, however I have to say I really did not expect to see much and felt I would be somewhat disappointed by the whole experience.  Well I didn't see a thing (apart from a crab) and I absolutely loved it, the whole experience was brilliant especially the surving part, but I was enthralled by this dive experience, this whole new world out there. 

Dive No# 2

  • Dive 2 was not a pleasant experience, my Buddy began their descent on their very first night dive and within a couple of meters got disorientated...... 

  • True disorientation whilst diving can be horrible (described by my Buddy), I am lucky it is has never happened to me, I do not mean disorientated in regards to direction to the shore or the boat, or that mild disorientation you get when diving in silty water waiting to hit or see the bottom on a descent. True disorientation can turn things upside down and spin you around regardless of how you are actually orientated, all your senses are knocked for six, like trying to walk after being on a spinning merry-go-round, plus the reality that you are underwater, its pitch black and mixed with having a panic attack..... sounds lovely...... no wonder the surface could not come quickly enough for my buddy...... end of dive....  

Dive No# 3

  • I have to say dive 3 was the best night dive I have had here. There was a large group of us, the water was lovely a clear (which is a bonus here in its self) and the marine life was out playing. I still have a wonderful memory of us in a giant circle, all shining our torches into the center, and the light illuminating the dark and suspended, floating in the middle where these 3 Seahorses, absolutely beautiful, great moment. And on the way out I saw my very first giant Seahare just swaying its way across the sand, brilliant, great dive.

Dive No# 4 & 5

  • Ok well it wasn't until a year after these first three dives that I made it back to the DT for a night dive again and, within a few weeks had completed dives 4 & 5. I wont go into details as I have a collection of images from those dives below.

  • I will say this though, I think the DT makes for a better night dive than it does for a day dive, so when you have had enough of this site but haven't done a night dive here, give it a go........... a fair go.

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