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Dive No# 1 

  • Dived Robbs Jetty at night for the first time in December 2011 and apart from missing the jetty by about 50 meters it was a great little dive.

  • You would think after 20 day dives at Robbs I would know where the Jetty is by now, what I didn't factor in was how strong the current was pushing us closer to the shore. There is a gap between the broken down jetty and shore of approx. 100 meters, there are some smaller pylons here but if you don't have perfect vis then these are easy to miss, and miss them we did and swam about 50 meters past the jetty.

  • No real dramas just corrected our bearings and swam back, apart from wasting far too much air there really wasn't any complaints.

  • On this night, Robbs was awash with Sea Hares especially Wedged or Eared Sea Hares, that were travelling in pairs like trains, now I have no idea what was happening here, I know Sea Hares will congregate in long trains "tip to tail" when mating but I am unsure if they freely move around whilst doing this, also I was under the impression that they form long lines of hares rather than just in  pairs when mating, anyway this is what was happening, if anyone has information about this please pass it on.

  • Talking about mating there was a very determined Blue Swimmer holding onto its young lady for dear life as we swam passed and disturbed their moment, quite amusing for us, I am not sure the crab was that impressed.

  • There were a few nice finds on this dive, Preiss' Sand Star, which is quite stunning, an unknown Sea Hare, Bartail Goatfish and a rather bizzarre gelatinous mass that I think could be some type of mollusc, I have seen it twice before but no closer to identifying it.

  • I am starting think that there is a rather annoying and somewhat embarrassing tradition forming with my night dives because out of the half dozen I have completed thus far, 4 of these have all ended up with us swimming in the wrong direction, never mind missing th jetty on the way out, on the way back in we actually ended further out because someone (not me) didn't know their East from their West and we started to make our way towards Rottnest Isl. Would you like to come on a night dive with me !!!!!!



  •  Ok lets go check out the pics and video



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