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  • I have completed one night dive at Boy in a Boat Reef so far.

Dive No# 1 

  • At the point of this night dive I had only completed a single day dive at Boy in a Boat Reef and I have to say I think this was a mistake. Not that the dive was difficult in any way, just felt that with a few more day dives under my belt I would of been more orientated and, we would of got the most out of this beautiful little site.

  • It was a warm evening and by the time we had managed to get to the climb over point (see BBR main page) we were absolutely shattered and extremely hot and very bothered. When we made it into the water I seriously considered the idea of not getting out and waiting for a rescue vessel to go by and pick me up. Ok ok I know, a bit dramatic but, that's how hot it felt, but oooooooohhhhhh how nice and cooling the water was when we got in. You all know the sensation of diving on a hot day and how beautifully refreshing the water is, well imagine that after 350 meter walk fully geared up and after climbing up a 2.5 meter wall, then down and across 7+ meters of slippery jagged rocks, there are no words nor poetry to describe this soothing sensation......mmmmmmmm, Ok enough of this rubbish.

  • Anyway, we are in the water and decide to descend immediately and do an under water swim to the site. It is approx. 90 meters to the reef from the entry point but after a 5 minutes or so I was baffled why we hadn't reached the dive site and decided to ascend and get some bearings, typical if we had swam for another 5 meters we would of been right on top of it. Unfortunately we had got in the water approx 15 minutes later than planned (for reasons we won't discuss here) and this had reduced the available twilight under water to zero.

  • NOTE If you have not completed a night dive always try and get in just before sunset so you have some residual light around the site, just so you can get your bearings, it wont be long before you are in total darkness.

  • Once we found the reef I have to say the overall dive was average at best, and I certainly put that down to a lack of knowledge of the site, obviously the better your knowledge of a site the easier it is to explore and we didn't, we stayed in a very small area of reef with only minimal marine life.

  • On an amusing note (now) when we where exploring the reef something came along and at nipped my leg, now I don't know what it was or whether I just snagged my wetsuit on something, but I am telling you I span around so fast, anyone in the vicinity would of got whiplash.


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