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  • Number of dives at site: 3.

Dive No# 1 

  • The first time in November 2010 was a little..... I have to say, panicky. After about 5 minutes and at approx. 5 meters lying on the seabed was 1/3 of a carcass of a large "enough" Shark, I don't know what type of Shark it was but, it wasn't a tiny thing, I imagine if it had all been intact, possibly over a couple of meters in length, I really can only guess. At the time you could feel the hairs standing up on the back of your neck and that claustrophobic feeling closing in on you as your eyes grow wider and scout the gloom.

  • On further investigation of the video in the safety of a warm snug house, I feel that maybe it had been fished, had its jaw removed possibly as a Trophy and, then dumped back in the water, maybe someone with a bit of fishing background would know?

  • The dive overall was ok, you would think the pylons would be easy enough to spot and that the area would be easier enough to dive within but, actually the darkness, the vis (water particles) and not the brightest torch in the world, does its best to mask these from view and a couple of times we had to stop just to check that we where actually underneath the jetty (tip: if you see the lights shining clearly from above, your outside the Jetty).

  • The only other problem we had was at the end of the Jetty where it T's we got turned around and headed in a Southerly direction for only about 5 meters until we realised that we where outside of the Jetty. But as this was only my 3rd night dive it still made me feel a little apprehensive, but if you stop and think about it the shore is generally in an Easterly direction and you are only 8 meters down and 100 meters from the shore, trying to find the jetty underwater was the difficult part, once we had done this we just followed it back to the entrance point. 


Dive No#2 

  • The 2nd time I did night shore dive at Ammo was in January 2011, which I absolutely loved, but talk about Deja vu. Bigger, brighter torch 500 lumen's lit up the area like a Christmas Tree, still got turned around at the end though, but this time swam off in a Northerly direction for about 5 meters, got back easily enough, I guess the point here is regardless of being under a jetty or not, you should check your direction a bit more often, rather than waiting until you have to check it.

  • More importantly, like I said I loved this dive, there was a group of us from Dolphin Scuba, I was  buddied with Stevie G who just has that really calm, safe attitude to diving which gives you loads of confidence and there was just loads and loads going on.

  • There were all the usually suspects that you see at the Jetty, but a few little treats that makes night diving so cool, (I don't care if that's so 1980s' it was cool). There where tiny little pink swimmer crabs, I got attacked by a school of fish which as of yet I haven't identified, they were nibbling away at the dive camera and light and had to be shooed off, a beautiful red Banded Sea Perch, some little molluscs again not identified, just loads of stuff that you don't get during the day.

  • But....... the best two moments was seeing about 4 juvenile Port Jackson Sharks, if you have read Robbs Jetty you know I love these little guys, and they were tiny, watch the video as it swim past a bottle of beer to get an idea of how small it was. And..... to top it all off, a Blue Ringed Octopus, it was the first time I had seen one of these in the water and I haven't seen one since. The crazy thing is, is that I was only 0.5 meters away from one of the deadliest creatures on this planet and I was mesmerised, if that would of been a non-poisonous common house spider in my living room I would of screamed like a child and got the wife to kill it, its mad, that's why I love diving, just brilliant, you've gotta love it........

Dive No#3

  • I will keep this one brief.................. I didn't get turned around or lost, but we did see a beautiful little Stonefish, a fantastic looking Porcupinefish and I had a little bit of fun with the Hermit Crabs (naughty me) see below.


  •  Ok lets go check out the pics and videos



Dive 1

  • What a difference a decent camera light and strobe make. From 8 naff'ish photographs and a few seconds of video on the 1st dive, to 30+ photographs included here on each of the next two dives, and that's just the stuff I have uploaded, I promise you there is lots that didn't make it up, for one reason or another. Absolute solid advice, invest in the best video light and strobe you can afford for your needs, you will see the quality improve immediately.

Dive 2

Dive 3


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