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 Triplefins aka Threefins

Threefin or Triplefin Blennies are blennioids, small perciform marine fish of the family Tripterygiidae. Found in tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, the family contains approximately 150 species in 30 genera. The family name derives from the Greek tripteros meaning "with three wings"... (Wikipedia)

Black Throated Threefin
(Helcogramma decurrens)

Triplefins are a tiny fish approx. 70mm in length. Due to their small size they are rarely noticed.

When diving , especially at one of the jetty sites, check out the pylons, if you see something move like lightening out of the corner of your eye the chances are it will be a Triplefin.

Once you have spotted these a couple of times then they become easier to notice, that said once disturbed they do not hang about for long and will quickly dart off, but if you wait the chances are they will do a full 360 and return just as quick.

Females photographed at Ammo and the male at Jervoise Bay taking a sponge bath.



 Western White Barred Threefin
(Enneapterygius larsonae)

Photographed at Ammo Jetty and at Bulk Jetty.

Germain's Blenny
(Omobranchus germaini)

Photographed at BBR.

Even though this is part of the Triplefin sub group of Blennies I will also be placing it in the titled Blenny section of the website as I think most people would go there first before checking out the Triplefin page

Slowly getting closer.

Taken at Woodmans Point Groin, there are loads of these flapping around and scurrying just in front of you here.
I didn't realise I had caught an image of this little chap until about 12 month after it was taken.

I was reviewing some images of Sea Stars when I noticed this small white mark protruding from the star.

Photographed at Bulk Jetty.


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