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Carangidae is a family of fish which includes the jacks, pompanos, jack mackerels, and scads. They are marine fish found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Most species are fast-swimming predatory fishes that hunt in the waters above reefs and in the open sea; some dig in the sea floor for invertebrates...(Wikipedia)


 Silver Trevally aka Skipjack Trevally

(pseudocaranx wrighti)

Photograph taken at Ammo Jetty.  

Possibly Samsonfish

(Seriola hippos)

Now I am unsure of this rather large fish, at first I thought it was the Giant Trevally, however these are known more in warmer Northern climates.

I did not realise that Silver Trevally grew to almost 1 meter in length, so it could be those, others have told me they are Samson Fish, so until I am sure I will bow to there superior knowledge.

You can find a quite decent size school trawling around Rockingham DT  during the.


These four photographs had me stumped for a long time and, I still could be wrong about these.

I was perusing a fishing site trying to ID other fish when I stumbled upon some identical looking fish, so I thought "that will do me".

As always any suggestions for correction or confirmations would be great.

First set photographed at  Robbs Jetty on a late afternoon dive. found these to be quite fast moving fish, and had to snap off a couple of images sharpish.

Second set taken on a night dive at Rockingham DT. I think on this occasion this fish was in some kind of sleep mode, as much as it was attracted to the light it kind of just span slowly around and around making its way to my direction, and making getting a decent photograph oddly enough quite difficult.

Yellowtail Trevally aka Yellowtail Scad

(Trachurus novaezelandiae)

Yellowtail Trevally usually move in large schools. They are abundant at the local shore dives.

One of my favourite moments (left) at Robbs Jetty was when a school of Trevally just circled me.

Trevally can congregate in quite big schools, and in poor vis can create a massive shadow in the water. Photograph 2 taken at RWT.

See also video below for another great moment at Robbs when a huge school swam past feeding, their mouths blinking open close, very strange.

Taken @ Ammo Jetty.


Banded Trevally

(Carangoides ferdau) 

Photographs taken at Robbs Jetty.

These fish certainly look and fit the description of  Banded Trevally, however these fish are supposed to be  known  to more warmer Northern climates. I am unsure if these are a sibling species or whether this is part of some type of migration process.


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