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Banded Sweep
(Scorpis georgiana)

Photographs taken at Bird Isl. Cape Peron, Point Peron, & MAAC.

I found these little fish not only fierce looking with quite firm stares but also quite inquisitive, checking me out as much as I was observing them.

Initially all I had was the two top photographs and not good ones at that. They are a common fish, inquisitive fish however, I have found they also get a bit skittish around the camera, until now.

Did a Solo Dive at MAAC and found a few biggies who where more than happy to pose for the camera, feeling safe under the rocky swim thru this big fella came up with a juvenile and made sure I was well and truly behaving myself. Those lips are huuuuge.
And the week before I was diving at Point Peron and right on the shoreline under a little ledge was this curious but shy little fish with a couple of others just nipping in and out of the shadows and keeping an eye on me.

Moonlighter aka Six-banded Coralfish
(Tilodon sexfasciatus)

This photograph was taken at Bird Isl. Cape Peron, also seen at Ammo Jetty.

Every time I looked at this picture I just thought it was a Stripey as there were a lot of Stripey's at Bird Isl. and this just nicely blended in.

Difficult to identify at first as I thought it was a Butterflyfish, but could not find it in any of my resources, but fortunately stumbled across text that explained the likeness to Butterflyfish especially in its juvenile stages.

Second photograph taken at BBR.

3 & 4 taken @ Robbs Jetty.

5 & 6 taken @ Trigg Beach.

Stripey aka Footballer
(Microcanthus strigatus)

Stripeys are another wide spread fish through out the dive sites in Perth, and easily recognised with their black and yellow stripes.

Photographs taken at Camilla Wreck & Ammo Jetty.

Football Sweep
(Neatypus obliquus)
The Gareenup Wreck has given up some nice little gems.

I have not seen a Football Sweep on any other shore dive, they are very common around Rotto, which these photos were taken as I didnt manage a decent one from the Gareenup.


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