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Family Oreasteridae

The Oreasteridae are a family of sea stars in the class Asteroidea... (Wikipedia)


Australian Cushion Star aka South West Star

(Anthenea australiae)

Photographs taken at Robbs Jetty & Bulk Jetty. The Australian Cushion Star is common under the jetties.

Picture one shows a variation with 6 arms rather than the usual 5. Whether this is about to split to produce a new star is unclear.

Baby. Love how tiny this Star is....



The pictures from 7 through  shows the variation in texture & colours for this star.

At first and for a long time I believed this variation made this Star to be more like the Rough Star (Anthenea aspera) however it is unclear whether this is recognised in South Western Australia and along the Perth shoreline.

I have to say that this variant is one of my favourites, the colours and lines a vibrant and clean and the reddish pinks are striking.

Expelling ? Releasing ? Reproducing ?

Expelling ? Releasing ? Reproducing ?

I have to say I am not too sure what process is taking place here. My best guess is it is releasing either eggs or sperm into the water to be part of the reproduction process. However this could also be some other waste product.

  Possibly Sydney Cushion Star

(Anthenea edmondi)

This Cushion Star is remarkably similar to the Sydney Cushion Star, which is obviously recognised in the Eastern States.

Photographs taken at Bulk & Ammo Jetties.  

Unknown Type

You will see numerous Cushion Stars with varying colouration at the dive sites in Perth. 

Valvulate Star

(Anthaster valvulatus)

Photographed at Blue Bay, Halls Head  Mandurah.

Western Biscuit Star aka Series Star

(Goniodiscaster seriatus)

Photographs taken at Ammo & Robbs Jetty.

I have not seen many Biscuit Stars at the local dive sites.


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