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Soft Corals

The Alcyonacea, or the soft corals are an order of corals which do not produce calcium carbonate skeletons. Soft corals contain minute, spiny skeletal elements called sclerites, useful in species identification. Sclerites give these corals some degree of support and give their flesh a spiky, grainy texture that deters predators... (Wikipedia)


 Jetty Octocoral

(Carijoa sp.)

This is abundant at Ammo Jetty and all the pylons are covered in it. There is a Nudibranch that mimics and feeds on this Octocoral.

The small Octocoral (right) I am unsure if this a newly formed Carijoa or a different Octocoral.

Take a moment to have a look at these close up, click on the images to see.

These two photographs show off the Octocoral prior to and just after budding before being covered by Hemimycale Sponge.

This interesting photograph take at Ammo Jetty, you can see the newly forming Octocoral spreading out like veins.

Hicksons Soft Coral

(Erythropodium hicksoni)

Photographed at Robbs Jetty.

This was the first time I had ever noticed this Octocoral in 2 years of diving here, so I am unsure how abundant this is or how observant I am ????

This Octocoral forms encrusting sheets seen here forming over fallen jetty pylons.

Western Soft Coral
(Capnella Sp.)

Photographed at The Gareenup Wreck North Mole Fremantle.

Variation on Western Soft Coral
Other Capnella Sp.
These also photographed at the Gareenup Wreck, I am pretty sure they are Capnella Sp. of soft coral but unsure if they are just variations on the Western Soft Coral.

Unidentified Octocoral

I am at a loss with this Octocoral, photographed on top of the Gareenup Wreck.

At first I thought it was a Seafan until I noticed how thick it was and in part the way some of the branches are stripped, as I had never seen this on Gorgonians before.

As usual any assistance you guys can offer would be great.


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