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 McCulloch's Scalyfin aka Common Scalyfin
(Parma mccullochi)

These photographs are a bit of a cheat as they where actually taken at Rottnest Isl. However you will see Scalyfins at Robbs Jetty where there is a bit of a shy but very territorial Scalyfin that inhabits the pipe half way down the site. Also I have seen a small school of these at MAAC.

These next two photographs taken at Boy in a Boat Reef just off Hillary's Boat Harbour. There was a fair size collection of Scalyfin's at this reef, and quite aggressive in defence of their territory. I was unaware until this day that Scalyfins make some type of sound, like a clacking noise when defending their territory, you can hear this just at the point of the tail thrash as it turn, it will be  accompanied with a very minor but distinct pressure wave felt on your body.

So next time a Scalyfin is thrashing at you, take a moment, listen and feel, but be aware that they don't do it with every thrash and more importantly they are in some type of distress due to feeling threatened so don't hang about too long.
Victoria Scalyfin
(Parma victoriae)
Its taken me ages to get a photograph of these Scalyfins, and even then they're not great, not as common as previous species McCulloch's.

Photographed at the South Mole.

Juvenile Scalyfin

These juvenile Scalyfins where photographed at Rottnest Isl. I have however seen these at a Ammo Jetty.

It is difficult to state which juvenile Scalyfin this is as apparently all Parma sp. juveniles have the same markings.


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