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Green Algae's,Weed's & Grasses

The green algae are the large group of algae from which the embryophytes (higher plants) emerged. As such, they form a paraphyletic group, although the group including both green algae and embryophytes is monophyletic (and often just known as kingdom Plantae). The green algae include unicellular and colonial flagellates, most with two flagella per cell, as well as various colonial, coccoid, and filamentous forms, and macroscopic seaweeds. In the Charales, the closest relatives of higher plants, full differentiation of tissues occurs. There are about 6,000 species of green algae. Many species live most of their lives as single cells, while other species form colonies, coenobia, long filaments, or highly differentiated macroscopic seaweeds.... (Wikipedia)

Seagrasses are flowering plants from one of four plant families (Posidoniaceae, Zosteraceae, Hydrocharitaceae, or Cymodoceaceae), all in the order Alismatales (in the class of monocotyledons), which grow in marine, fully saline environments.... (Wikipedia)


Cactus Weed
(Caulerpa cactoides)

Photographed at Point Peron.

Green Spongeweed
(Codium spongiusum)

Photographed at Robbs Jetty seagrass area.

Harveys Codium
 (Codium harveyi)

Photographed at Point Peron. 

Meullers Fern Caulerpa

(Caulerpa flexilis var. muelleri)

Photographed at Point Peron.

Oval Paddle Grass

(Halophila ovalis)

Photographed at the Camilla Wreck.

Sea Lettuce

(Ulva australis)

Photographed at Point Peron and Bird Isl. Cape Peron.

Tropical Caulerpa (Caulerpa racemosa)


Beaded Caulerpa (Caulerpa vesiculifera)

Photographed at Point Peron.

From the photographs I have to identify these they all look extremely similar, with those grape like beads and similar shaped stems.


These are either Southern or Sinuous Strapweeds or possible photographs identifying both.

Mermaids Cups
(Acetabularia cayculus)

Photographed on the way out to The Gareenup wreck at North Mole. I have not seen these algaes at any other site currently.


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