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 Dusky Morwong

(Dactylophora nigricans)

Big, beautiful and a little shy, that's the Dusky Morwongs at Robbs Jetty. I have seen a small school of 3 at Robbs. They like to hang out just on the edge of the jetty. Look in the small grass beds just a few meters outside of the jetty, approach slowly and you may get to see one, but they dont hang about. See the video of the Dusky Morwong at Robbs.

Well 12 months has passed since these top two photographs where taken and I have to say that in this time these stunning fish have become quite use to the divers being at Robbs Jetty, allowing you to get really close and allowing you to swim with them without running away, just be slow in your movements and don't startle them and you should be ok, also approach in singles.
Now I have heard that in 2014 someone speared one of these beauties and bragged about it. Its not the spear fishing bothers me but these beautiful creatures are so slow moving its like beating someone up in a wheelchair. I hope they have learnt their lesson and leave these fish alone.

 Dusky Morwong Juvenile

I haven't actually encountered any Juvenile Dusky Morwongs whilst diving in the Perth region, however these two photographs where taken at Busselton Jetty, and provided here as a guide.

Western Crested Morwong

(Cheilodactylus gibbosus)

Photographs taken at Rockingham DT, Ammo & Robbs Jetties.

Photographs 5 & 6 in this top section both taken on night dives both showing colour variations.

Juvenile Western Crested Morwong

(Cheilodactylus gibbosus)

There are loads of the Western Crested Morwong. Sometimes you will see them upright bobbing in the water, I am guessing feeding but I am not really sure what they are up to. It appears the little Crested Morwongs make some very interesting photographs.

I love this set of 4, with the Morwong hiding inside a mussel shell.

I had to give it just enough distance so that it felt slightly uncomfortable being in the shell and the ability to feel safe about coming out.

 Red Lip Morwong

(Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus)

Photographs taken at Point Peron, Robbs Jetty, MAAC & Ammo Jetty.

Images 5 & 6 in this section shows small juveniles at Ammo jetty hiding in the cross beams half way down the jetty.


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