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Shore Diving

Drummers aka Rudderfish


 Silver Drummer aka Buffalo Bream
(Kyphosus sydneyanus)

These 2 photographs taken on a boat dive at Rottnest Isl. That said I have seen schools of these at the Reef at Marmion Angling & Aquatic Club, Point Peron, Boy in a Boat Reef, anywhere there is a close by limestone reef.

Look for the surge zones around and across the reef as usually you will get schools congregating there. They will form huge walls and then encircle you, protecting their young and there territory.

It is said that if you wait long enough as the circle disperses they will defecate on you, most probably some form of defence. However in all my experiences I have never had this happen to me.

Western Buffalo Bream
(Kyphosus cornelii)

Quite similar to the Silver Drummer and are known for being confused with each other. However some slight differences in looks as you can see, the Western Buffalo Bream does not have that rather menacing and villainous moustache that the Drummer do, nor does it have a the darker markings to the tail and and fins.

These photographs taken at MAAC in a sandy patch between the reef.

 Juvenile Bream

This school of Juvenile Bream photographed at Bird Isl. and Point Peron.

I am presuming they are juvenile Buffalo Bream but I do not have additional images of juveniles to compare these to.

However those stern looking faces are unmistakable (famous last words).


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