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Sea Cucumbers

Sea cucumbers are echinoderms from the class Holothuroidea. They are marine animals with a leathery skin and an elongated body containing a single, branched gonad. Sea cucumbers are found on the sea floor worldwide. There are a number of holothurian species and genera, many of which are targeted for human consumption... (Wikipedia)


Red Box Cucumber aka Pink Sea Cucumber

(Cercodemas anceps)

There are masses of the Red Box Cucumbers especially at Robbs Jetty.

If you watch carefully you will at time see all the box type cucumbers feed. In turn they draw their flowery tentacles into their mouths, I presume scrape off anything trapped on the tentacles and repeat the process over and over.

If the tentacles are disturbed the box cucumbers can withdraw all its tentacles into its mouth.

 Red Box Cucumber walking

Taken at Robbs Jetty, first and only time I have observed a Cucumber going for a little walk.

Red Box Cucumber Tube Feet

This rather Alien looking thing taken at Ammo Jetty.

You cab see the tiny little holes where the Tube Feet protrude.


Pink & Green Spiny Sea Cucumber
(Pentacta anceps)

I initially found it difficult to clearly identify these Spiny Cucumbers, but actually I think they are just variations of the Pink & Green cucumber

They are not as abundant as the Red Box Cucumbers but you will still see plenty of these around the dive sites.

They feed in the same manner as the Red Box Cucumbers.

Photographs taken at Ammo Jetty, Robbs Jetty, Robbs Jetty (sea grass area).


Unknown Striped Sea Cucumber

I read there is a Cucumber called something like the Stars & Stripes Sea Cucumber, but unclear if this a variaton on that.

Photographed at Rockingham DT.

 Soft Sea Cucumber

(Stichopus mollis)

The Soft Sea Cucumber are a large cucumber. You will see them both on jetty pylons where they blend quite well and scavenging along the seabed.

Common on all the dive sites.

Possibly Sticky Sea Cucumber

(Leptossynaptura dolabrifera)

I originally identified this as a different cucumber and have found it difficult to find a source that clearly describes this photograph as a Sticky Sea Cucumber, and in all honesty I am querying whether or not it is the same species as above but either dying or going through some form of transformation. Anyway I would appreciate any assistance in clarifying this.

Photograph taken at Ammo Jetty, has only be seen on one dive to date.


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