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Shore Diving

 Rough Bullseye
(Pempheris Klunzingeri)

Rough Bullseye are commonly seen at all the dive sites. They generally feed at night and like to hide in darker corners during the day, that said you will see plenty of these during the day.

These photographs taken at Rockingham DT, there was this large school just hovering above the boat at 12 meters. The silvery skin has made for quite a beautiful picture. Click on the right photograph to see one of these images converted to B&W, makes a very nice B&W photograph.

There is usually a large school at Robbs Jetty by the pipe half way down the dive site.

Photograph (Right) shows off the beautifully coloured and fine scales of this fish.

Juvenile Bullseyes

(Unknown Type)

When I first saw these I was not too sure what they were, but I feel they are a small school of Juvenile Bullseyes. However what type of Bullseyes I am not too sure.

These juveniles showing a transparent back half. They can barely be made out in the water.

I read somewhere that this could be part of a defence mechanism that obviously breaks up the fishes shape and may make it look already half eaten.

However looking half eaten doesn't usually stop you from being finished off.

Slender Bullseye
(Parapriacanthus elongatus)

Photographed at Point Peron, huddled into a small corner, difficult to see at first as they blended quite nicely with the reef and weed.
Large-scaled Bullseye
(Pempheris multiradiata
I dont know how common these Bullseyes are, this taken at BBR.... but really cant recall seeing this fish before this day.


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